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Kaplan Turbines (KAUNAS Lithuania)

Rehabilitation of a hydraulic plant

At the request of the Lithuanian Government, ALSTOM HYDRO carried out a rehabilitation project on the KAUNAS Hydroelectric Plant with the objective of increasing the performance of the four turbines.

For this purpose, ALSTOM HYDRO has selected TACQUET INDUSTRIES among the three companies in the world able to perform on-site machining operations. These operations were usually carried out in a heavy workshop.

TACQUET INDUSTRIES carried out the feasibility study, designed a specific machine unique in the world to execute various works on hydroelectric sites and achieved all the machining operations on the turbines.

Hydoelectric powerplant KAUNAS
Hydroelectric turbines
Hydroelectric powerplant Kaunas

“Runner Chamber” machining

  • ø 4900 to ø 6700
  • Height 2000

Francis Turbines (GENISSIAT France)

remanufactured a stainless steel shield

During a turbine maintenance, when the FRANCIS wheel was dismantled by ALSTOM HYDRO, the customer found an extremely large cavitation with, in some places, a complete piercing of the protective shield.

In order to ensure the optimum restart of the installation on schedule, ALSTOM HYDRO contacted TACQUET INDUSTRIES in order to carry out a feasibility study and perform the work within the deadline.

GENISSIAT Dam – Emergency service :

  • Expertise & feasibility study.
  • Definition of means.
  • Assembling of a specific machine.
  • Machining the cavity area.
  • ø 4m075 – H: 200
  • Thickness of machining 8mm
  • Tolerance 0.15 mm

In collaboration with ALSTOM HYDRO, TACQUET INDUSTRIES installed and remanufactured a stainless steel shield with an accuracy of 0.1.

Francis Turbines (GURI Venezuela)

The hydroelectric dam of GURI, located in the center of VENEZUELA near PUERTA ORDAZ, is the third largest hydroelectric dam in the world and has 16 turbines.

The Government of Venezuela decided to rehabilitate all the installations of the site in 2 phases, the first of which was entrusted to ALSTOM HYDRO. This rehabilitation affects 8 groups out of a total of 16.

Previously, the maintenance operations carried out on the GURI site had necessitated the dismantling of the damaged parts, their transport throughout the world in multiple workshops, their return to Venezuela and, finally, the reassembly of the parts on the site.

All of these operations represented very long periods of intervention. In order to increase the effectiveness of the intervention, ALSTOM HYDRO studied an innovative approach proposing to realize all the services directly on the site of GURI with portable machining equipment.

ALSTOM HYDRO, after study, entrusted TACQUET INDUSTRIES with the design and manufacture of two portable lathes for machining up to 8.5 meters in diameter.

Turbines Francis portable lathes

Summary of TACQUET INDUSTRIES intervention

  • Design and manufacturing of two portable lathes ø 8,5 meters.
  • Development of special equipment.
  • Training of personnel working on the GURI site.
  • Participation in machining operations.
  • Machining of fixed parts in the penstock.
  • Machining of disassembled parts.

Pelton Turbines – EDF Site – Les Claux (L’ARGENTIERE France)

As part of its program to rehabilitate French hydropower plants, EDF has defined a number of priority sites, including the LES CLAUX dam.

After studying the EDF specification, TACQUET INDUSTRIES has developed a procedure allowing the realization of on-site machining in compliance with the defined standards. This procedure has been taken on and approved by EDF.

Description of the operations carried out by TACQUET INDUSTRIES

  • Concentric boring of two diameters of 1382 mm.
  • Surfacing of two parallel faces from ø1382 to ø1560.
  • Tolerance : 5/100th.