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Tacquet Industries in Asia : A New Adventure

Tacquet Industries, a leader in on-site machining, is celebrating a bold new milestone in its history with our first successful foray into the Asian market, and more specifically, Vietnam.


An Innovative Strategic Decision:

The decision to prospect in South East Asia stems from a visionary strategy aimed at expanding international know-how. In addition to the historical region for us, such as Africa or South America, where we have previously worked, Asia, as a dynamic region booming in the hydropower sector, has attracted our attention because of its flourishing market opportunities.

The prospecting process began with an in-depth study of the Asian market. Analyzed trends, identified key players, and assessed growth opportunities. This phase laid the foundations for a strategy adapted to the Asian environment. Key: Meetings with local stakeholders, conference, trade show, appointment, site visit, audit, etc.

Since our first steps in Vietnam, the warm welcome we received exceeded all our expectations. Key industry players have shown a strong interest in our on-site machining solution, demonstrating the relevance of our expertise in the region.

This active listening reflects the quality and adaptability of our offer to the specific needs of the Asian market.


Encouragement for the future:

The initial results are encouraging, reinforcing our conviction that Southeast Asia represents a major strategic step for Tacquet Industries. The fruitful meetings, the constructive exchanges, and the support received encourage us to continue investing in this promising region.


Commitment to Continuing Our Efforts:

With this promising start, Tacquet Industries is committed to intensifying its efforts in Southeast Asia. We see our presence in this region as an exciting opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of hydropower while consolidating our position as a global leader in on-site machining.

In conclusion, this adventure in Asia represents a vibrant chapter in the history of Tacquet Industries, and we look forward to continuing this success and collaborating with local stakeholders to propel the hydropower industry to new heights.